Green Malachite Bracelet

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Green Malachite Bracelet

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Green Malachite is the most popular anti-anxiety stone of all crystals. It is also extremely rare. This handcrafted bracelet is specially made for those who experience anxiety and emotional stress. 

Known as the “stone of transformation”, Malachite balances your emotions and removes negative thoughts from the mind. It protects and supports you through stressful changes. It is also used for aiding creativity, enhancing the development of your intuition, and is a strong stone for the heart, both for the physical heart and to aid your healing emotionally.

The gorgeous green gem is often considered a symbol of nature with its revitalizing freshness and positive growth, just like the blossoms of spring.

Made to order only. Since Green Malachite is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique to the owner.

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